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Product Variety:

Silicon big rock, silicon little rock, white silicon, antimony, baryta, princess jade, imperial jade. 

Product Description:

Silicon big rock 90% purity, silicon little rock 95% purity, white silicon 90% purityt, antimony 40, 48, 58% purity, baryta 4.45 density , princess jade, imperial jade. 

Product Net Weight Per Piece:

According specification

Packaging Net Weight:

According specification

Packaging Gross Weight:

According specification

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Storage Temperature:

Room temperature

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  • Yes
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Production Capacity Per Month:

Silicon big rock 10,000 tons , silicon little rock 5,000 tons, white silicon 10,000 tons, antimony 40,000 tons, baryta 5,000 tons, princess jade from 300kg, imperial jade from 300kg.

Production Capacity Per Year:
Price Per Piece:

According to quote

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According to quote

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According to quote

Price per Container:

According to quote

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  • Yes
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