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Product Category:


Production Name:

Copper, lead, manganese, antimony, iron, barium sulfate

Production Region:

Guerrero, Mexico

Product Variety:

Copper Oxide, copper carbonate, lead, manganese, antimony, iron, barium sulfate

Product Description:

Copper Oxide quality from 8-10%, copper carbonate quality from 10-18%, lead quality from 38-40%, manganese quality from 35-40%, antimony quality from 38-40%, iron quality from 62% up, barium sulfate quality according to the rules of density from 4.20 to 4.30

Product Net Weight Per Piece:

According to specification 

Packaging Net Weight:

According to specification

Packaging Gross Weight:

According to specification

Primary Packaging:

According to specification

Secondary Packaging:

Aaccording to specification

Storage Temperature:

Room temperature

Shelf Life:
Package Specifications:

According to quote

Total Quantity in Container Load (Specify 20 ft. or 40 ft. Container):

40 ft.

Products needs to be shipped in Refrigerated Containers ?:
  • Yes
  • NO
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Production Capacity Per Month:

Copper Oxide 4000 tons mt3, copper carbonate 4000 tons mt3, lead 3000 tons mt3, manganese 3,000 tons mt3, antimony 2,500 tons mt3, iron 100000 tons mt3, barium sulfate 5000 tons mt3

Production Capacity Per Year:

According to specification

Price Per Piece:

According to quote

Price Per Case:

According to quote

Price Per Pallet:

According to quote

Price per Container:

According to quote

Previously Exported:
  • Yes
  • NO
If Yes, To Which Country/Countries:
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