Secretaría Internacional de Compra de Alimentos y Recursos Naturales
International Secretariat for the Purchase of Food and Natural Resources

SICOMAS represents members of the following industries: livestock, fishing, poultry, agriculture and natural resources in its commercial transactions in China, Europe and USA.

Sicomas is in charge of negotiating contracts, logistical support, and obtaining letters of credit.

Our team not only has a direct contact with farmers, manufacturers, fishermen and distributors in Central, South and North America, but also has the connection to potential buyers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philipines and the USA. If the product you’re looking for is not here, please send us an email and we will find it for you directly from the manufacturer.

Salvador Castillo

General Director & Owner

Sal is an American entrepreneur, who successfully founded and create products to supply chain market stores in several countries. His wide range of business is based in California.

Sal’s Active Businesses

Manufacture and Distributor of Tequila, Mezcal and pulque.

His brands: Fortune 8 (Made in Napa Valley), Tequila The Queen, Tequila Grand Bay, Pulque La Reina and Pulque King of Kings.

Super Eco Cleaner Natural Hand Sanitizer with Tequila and Agave Scent. Farmers Insurance Agency, and Internet TV Guia: Marketing Company in YouTube Channel.

Complejo Turistico Cancun: Organic house developer, He owns the land for his project. Current projects: 80 Hectares, 150 Hectares 7.5 Hectares,  (Manufacturing retirement homes) and Secretariat International de Compras de Alimentos

Experience in Business

 “Sales and project Manager” Vision, Creativity, Marketing and Video production, Graphic Designs, and labels and brands development.

Imports and Exports between USA, China and Mexico.  Fields of operations Spirits, Wines, Beers, Computers, Electronic Accessories, Software development, Bio-metric technology, General electronics, Food, Retail stores, Wholesale, Distribution, Real estate, and Insurance. 

Professional Highlights

2014-2020 Manufacturer and Distributor of Tequila Mezcal and Pulque.  Distributor of over 200 brands of Tequila.

2020-2020 Liquid Hand Sanitizer to Kill externally Covid-19

2008-2016 Salvador Castillo Farmers Insurance Agency –  21 S San Mateo Dr San Mateo CA 94401

Life and health – Fire and Casualty Topper Club and very successful agency.

2008-2016 Real Estate Agent –

2009-2016 Owner – 100% Tequila THE QUEEN L.L.C..  The first tequila for woman

2010-2016 Owner – Don Salvatore LLC  Spirits, Wine, and Beer Distributor, ABC licenses and imports and exports alcohol licenses

2008-2016 Internet TV Guia – Marketing Company  TV Channel

2005-2013 Developer and Owner –Tequila EL REY Corp. & Citryve Internacional LLC

2005-2012 International Director –  Citryve Internacional LLC

2009-2010 California Mexican Foods – New packing food company of Ameircan Mexican foods.

2004-2009 Owner – Internet Personal Payments:, a biometric check cashing solutions for the check cashing industries. Has opened more than 200 locations nationwide.

2004-2009 West Coast Sales Representative – Represents CASHITUSA, in the following states: California, Texas, Chicago, Washington, and Oregon. Has opened more than 185 locations nationwide.

2002-2005 Owner – US VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, “INTERNET TV BROADCASTING INC.” Company is dedicated to the broadcast and production of Educational Content for corporations or educational institution.

2000-2005 Owner -. Software2learn Corp. On Line University, software development for training applications for Corporations and Universities in Mexico and Latin America. Over 100,000 students on line. DVD Educational Programs and Web enable on line productions and programs.

2000-2002 Owner – Compusales Corp. Import Export Company Mexico – Works with Taiwan, Japan and China. Developed own brand of electronics “Toshiro”, with product line of electronics sold in Sears and Sanborns.

Company manufactures in Taiwan DVD players, MP3, CD Players, Computers, Memory Cards, etc. and supplies these products to   Sears (47 Stores), Sanborns (147 Stores), Sam’s (17 Stores), Office Depot (14 Stores) in Mexico City.

1998-2000 Sales Rep.- CompUSA.  (International Sales Representative in Latin America). Closed a deal with Nintendo “2,000,000 Computers ”Introduced COMPUSA to Carlos Slim’s group Carso, resulting in the purchase of the company for almost a billion dollars.

1996-2000 Owner – Castillo Tiene de Todo.  Operated four (12) full line Super Markets in San Francisco, South San Francisco and Daily City

1989-1995 Owner – N.I.T. National International Traders. Worked on the import and export of household items from Mexico to USA.  Supplied Walgreen’s and Wholesalers and distributors in Los Angeles with products from Mexico.

Dr. David Chun

International purchase and sale expert

Fields of Expertise


Dr. Chun is an American entrepreneur who founded a very successful firm: EduCORP based in California for few decades with a diversified range of business focusing on large scale commodity trade, including oil and gas, biofuel feedstock, and renewable and alternative energy. A branch of his firm also provides education and health care infrastructure and services that complement his dedication to a healthy environment and for future generations. He has negotiated oil and gas transactions and energy infrastructure projects worldwide worth in excess of multiple billions of dollars. As the Chairman of International Infrastructure Investment Inc. he leads the company in equity participation in multiple industries including membership of Löwe II, a renowed Liquified Natural Gas and Petroleum conglomerate. David is adept at structured financing with a network of successful multinational companies that rely on his advice on selected business matters. As a result of his other work in balancing energy, education, and health, he has developed strong government ties and presence in China, U.S., SE Asia, S. America, EU, and Africa. These relationships include companies such as China Rails, China State Construction & Engineering, China Road & Bridges, Power China. CMC, China Trust, and the likes. Dr. Chun obtained his bachelor’s degrees in Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence plus his master’s in healthcare management from the University of California at Berkeley, his Doctorate in Mental Health from UCSF Medical Center.