Why do I always see people using lowercase “mm” to abbreviate million? That does ..


Large organizations use millions to represent their reports. Rather than use the barred M, however, accounting went with MM as an abbreviation for a million. For example, 1MM equals 1 million, $34MM equals $34 million and so on. We don’t know for sure why the Romans used letters or why they chose the letters they did. One theory says the use of M was because Romans measured a mile as a thousand paces.

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Outside Examples of Million

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  • The company is planning to invest several mln.
  • However, it’s fairly uncommon for “Million” to be abbreviated outside of scientific circles.
  • However, there are official abbreviations out there that you might come across, and it would help to know about them.
  • The meaning of the word “million” is common to the short scale and long scale numbering systems, unlike the larger numbers, which have different names in the two systems.

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Where does the mm abbreviation come from?

Frequently, in finance and accounting settings now, an analyst will use k to denote thousands and a capitalized M to denote millions. You might not put a lot of thought into your abbreviations, and that’s okay. However, there are official abbreviations out there that you might come across, and it would help to know about them.

stands for millions

You go from being a hero to an underperformer without knowing it. When they see $1M, many readers have no idea if the writer means $1,000 or $1 million. That’s a considerable difference ($999,000, to be exact). While recruiters love to see numbers on resumes, they also like them to be accurate and make sense.

Million Abbreviation: How to Abbreviate Million

K comes from the Greek world “kilo” which means one thousand and is used in metric / decimal systems. The corresponding prefix for one million is M. An amount in the accounting and financial world shown as $14K would equate to $14,000.00.

Review a few examples of sentences that feature common abbreviations for billion. Review a few examples of sentences that feature common abbreviations for million. Whether the topic is significant sums of money or a massive quantity of something, it’s common to use abbreviations when writing out large numbers in text. There are a few different ways to abbreviate large numbers. Some abbreviations for million options may surprise you, as is also true for some of the other large number abbreviations.

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We’ll explain the correct abbreviation for “million” in this article. There is a lot of paperwork involved in money and finance. Because of this, it is common to use abbreviations for various values and variables within this area. Thus, it is important to be familiar with various abbreviations within this area of study in order to perform accurate analyses and solutions. I worked in banking for 27 years , and my experience in financial services was that M and MM were consistently used for thousands and millions, respectively. This practice was across the board – exam reports, internal reporting, and so on.


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