Turkmen Wedding Traditions

Weddings in Turkmenistan are a highly revered ritual that represents spouse and children prosperity and social connections. The wedding ceremony also offers the couple with an opportunity to get back together with family and friends.

Among the Turkmen wedding customs, it truly is customary to get the groom’s relatives to present the bride with platinum jewelry as a sign of their good wishes. The diamond earrings are believed to symbolize the new bride’s status within the community, along with ensure that the lady begins her married life on a high note.

The bridal costume is typically adorned with symbols and charms that happen to be thought to ward off very bad forces, maintain the bride healthier, and bring wealth. The bride-to-be is also presented a brain covering shawl, known as the ucbes.


In classic weddings, the newlyweds will be escorted throughout the village in a procession. Usually, camels produced the motorcade, but automobiles are now very common in Turkmenistan.

A wedding gown is an important part of the wedding dress, and in many cases, the robe itself weighs more than 35 kilograms. It is often padded with magical and other adornments.

The groom’s dowry, or gifts for the bride, can include foodstuff, clothes, floor coverings, and utensils. https://journals.upd.edu.ph/index.php/socialsciencediliman/article/viewArticle/2045 This kind of dowry is normally prepared years in advance and international dating for chinese incorporates items that the bride should live https://asianbrides.org/turkmenistan-women in her new residence, such as furniture.

The wedding ceremony is aplauded in three days, together with a feast and entertainments. Dances include the ellik and semah. Guests often try to grab goodies, such as sweets, prove way towards the wedding.

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