Next evening, Sarah gets a book of John saying he is in town and desires come across their

Next evening, Sarah gets a book of John saying he is in town and desires come across their

It plan a conference from the playground. She messages Draw proclaiming that John is back in the city. Unknown so you can the girl, es, reads what and you may involves stop John. John and Sarah explore its relationships, and just how she actually is experiencing the whole situation, and you can conveys this lady desire to have John to turn himself inside and give the police he’s not a violent. She suspects you to John try cheat on her behalf that have Six when the guy won’t grab the woman that have your. She gets texts of Draw alerting you to definitely his dad are upcoming for her and you will John. Whenever John asks that is messaging, Sarah states it’s the lady friend Emily. Sam will come and you may says to John that they is always to log off. FBI and also the cops descend in it and you will arrest John and you can Sam. Sarah is taken away and interrogated for three days in the regional cops route.

Mogadorian Bring [ ]

Mark picks the woman upwards when she is ultimately freed. She informs you to Agents Walker, Noto, and you may some body titled Purdy interrogated the woman and you may got away their mobile phone. She claims one to she’s maybe not meant to get off town and you will the woman is towards the No Travel record. She claims which they arrested John and you may Sam and you will believes it was their blame. Mark tells one to his dad read his text out-of their which is the police knew you to John try right back in the city. The guy apologizes so you can the girl. She states the FBI was probably watching their and you can she need warned John. Draw shares his theory that John was stored throughout the Dumont FBI facility. Sarah desires go there and you may explain by herself however, Mark refuses. He states they don’t have the ability to hold John for long and you can reassures her on simple fact that Six continues to be totally free and will need to help save John. Draw drops the lady from at their family. She lays in order to the lady mothers stating that she is actually away past her curfew and you can got involved in the John Smith’s arrest. One to exact same night she will get a contact out of escaped out-of Dumont.

The next Monday she and you may is why mom, calculating she possess viewed things. Nobody is house as well as discover proof of the battle on yard. She sees a car or truck idling afterwards. She and you can Mark push out once the vehicles chases him or her. The auto narrowly misses hitting the vehicle. Sarah believes whoever is actually riding the automobile only desired to scare her or him out. It force away to school. You to definitely same evening Sarah goes forgotten. She does not go back home off university.

Detainment inside the Dulce [ ]

Sarah is removed attentive by the FBI, who happen to be coping with the newest Mogadorians, who will be providing them with firearms in exchange for the assist bing search the fresh Garde. Sarah was tortured for guidance and that is obligated to inform them what you she understands. Someday Setrakus Ra check outs the woman and you may transforms themselves to your John playing with his golden cane. Sarah attempts to hit your, however, Ra strikes her basic, hurting their. At one time, Sam is placed within the a cell together with her prior to being pulled away to various other a portion of the foot. After that, Six try tossed in the mobile together. Six informs the woman that she watched Setrakus Ra alter into the their. Sarah says she got witnessed it before and you will requires if or not John is safe. She states they parted indicates and you may asks if this was the girl just who assisted FBI need John. She claims it wasn’t her. Half a dozen conveniences Sarah by the advising the lady a story from the John and you may the woman once the kids about vessel. Walker concerns the latest mobile and you can prospects the girl away to struggle Setrakus Ra while Sarah is actually left by yourself on mobile.

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